Thursday, 17 November 2016


Confession: I am a beauty shopaholic. I absolutely love trying new products so when I heard New Look were launching their beauty range it's safe to say I was excited. Especially when my local New Look store in Strabane was one of the lucky stores to get their hands on it. I have Maryellen tortured when it comes to questions about New Look releases or must have pieces. It's really important to me (and my bank balance) that the blog includes affordable and accessible products. Every knows I am a huge fan of the Penneys PS Pro range and the New Look Beauty range has me in the same state of shock. Amazing quality at an affordable price point. 

First up, the layout and packaging is unrivalled for the price. The clean and modern layout is everything. Rose gold packaging: sold!

Matte Lipstick in Mocha £3.99

The first product I tried was this lipstick in the shade MOCHA. I wear MAC Mocha almost everyday so I was very interested to see how they would compare. They are completely different. The shades couldn't be further apart. I have inserted a swatch below. 

The quality is unbelievable, they are extremely hydrating for a matte lipstick. I would say if you are looking for something super matte maybe try the liquid lipsticks. I can't stand the ultra dry matte feeling so this is perfect for me. What I would say is Mocha is certainly not an 'everyday' lipstick for me. I have mixed it with Creme D'Nude from M.A.C to make it more wearable as it is a dark brown shade. 

Shape and Define Eyebrow Kit £6.99

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of ABH Brow Pomade. I can't live without it and I am sceptical of every other product on the market, however I actually love this compact. It's very similar to the Sleek Brow Compact. My favourite thing about the compact is the three shades, it gives you more options. There is wax which is perfect for a defined brow look but also two powder shades in a medium and dark brown colour. This is ideal for when you want a more natural brow but also buildable for a night time look.

Illuminating Make Up Primer £7.99

This was definitely my favourite product of them all. I have literally tried so many illuminating primers and strobe creams. It's an obsession. Honestly, this is incredibly hydrating. It makes me look alive. I wear it when I have no makeup on or when I want sheer coverage I mix it with my foundation. This is the product I am most impressed with because of the glow but also hydration it provides for the skin. 

What I'm DYING to get my hands on:

These colours are me ALL OVER. I love all the nudes. I am very excited to try these liquid lipsticks. 

I have had this recommended to me SO many times. A dupe of Marc Jacobs Daisy. 

Bang on trend: they look such great quality. I have never had the chance to experiment with these brushes so they are on my list. 

Maryellen has also informed me that they are the one stop shop for all your hair needs: shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and even coloured chalk. I'll be sure to pick up some of them too! 


For every five products you buy you get a FREE lipstick!

10% Student Discount as usual

If any one has any queries about the products or where to find them please don't hesitate to email me or drop me a message. I love hearing from you all! 

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