Sunday 11 December 2016


Are you struggling to find the perfect gift for your Boyfriend/Husband/Brother or Secret Santa? Here are some gift ideas for your special someone! Tag someone who would LOVE the final gift and from a reputable website!

1. A tracksuit from 11 Degrees

2. Shirt from Farah

3. Diesel Watch from The Watch Shop

4. Aftershave - Dior Sauvage from Debenhams

5. A Dressy Overcoat Here 

6. Superdry Quilted Coat Here

7. Clippers for Trimming Here

8. Knitwear - Polo neck, Funnel Neck Here

9. Virtual Reality Headset Here

10. Drone Here

11. Ray bans Here

12. Calvin Klein Boxers Here

13. Lean in Healthy Eating Guide Here

14. Men's Wash Bag Here

15. Men's Grooming Kit Here

16. Nike Trainers Here

17. Wallet from Ted Baker Here

18. Belt from Diesel Here

19. Farah Cable Knit or Honeycomb Jumper Here

20. Superspray on Jeans Here

21. Amazon Firestick Here

22. Speaker Here

23. FitBit Here

24. Car from 

Love, SarahJane x 

Tuesday 29 November 2016


This must be the question I get asked most. When people find out I chose to attend Trinity in Dublin over Cambridge the gasps and questions that follow are always the same. People tell me, ‘you’re crazy, thats once in a lifetime’. But I tell them that going to university for the first time is once in a life time. I wanted to go somewhere I knew I would be happy and for me Trinity was that place. I wanted to go to a good university but I didn't want to be under immense pressure or have to sacrifice my precious social life. For any of you that don't know I am currently a second year Law student at Trinity.  

I have to divide this story into a series of posts because my journey was definitely not simple or short. 
  1. Why I didn’t choose Cambridge
  2. My Cambridge Interview (most asked question EVER)!
  3. The Trinity Disaster 
First up, when I decided to apply to Cambridge I never believed I would get an interview let alone a place there. The initial hurdle was my personal statement which definitely wasn't conventional. They didn’t care if I was kind or loved to exercise (which FYI I don’t incase you were worrying), they were concerned with my passion to study Law and my drive to succeed and how I’ve demonstrated that so far. To be honest that part wasn’t challenging because I was one of those people that HAD to be involved in everything and anything going. If there’s one piece of advice I can give to students it would have to be to get all your extra curricular activities out of the way before the year you apply to university because you have way too much stuff on with exams looming. Make sure you have 3-4 solid things you can discuss in your personal statement that show you are committed, compassionate, have a strong work ethic and are driven. You can list off the skills you have/‘say you have’ for 2000 words but without evidence they’ll mean very little. 

I got an interview. I didn’t know whether to be scared or ecstatic about the process to follow. I have to say I was really interested to see how the infamous interview worked (nerd). You have at least two interviews and an admissions test on legal reasoning/legal problem solving. You definitely can’t go into the interview blind with no preparation. With Law I got sent bundles of material to read over but this definitely wasn't the complete focus of my preparation. I’ll discuss all the weird and wonderful parts of the actual interview in the next post. I didn’t find the admissions test too difficult because I didn’t let myself get too nervous or wound up about the whole thing. I just went in there and approached it like any other exam. 

Crazy enough, hundreds of students in preparation for their interview pay hundreds of pounds to tutors in England to prepare them for their interview. I didn’t do any of this. I would actually strongly advise people not to. They really want you to be you. They can see through the hours and weekends spent at these Oxbridge training camps. The interview process as a whole wasn’t too stressful for me because I didn’t put much weight on it. It definitely wasn't life or death for me whether I got in or not. I just gave it my best shot and hoped for the best. 

Studying Law at Trinity in Dublin, on the other hand I was passionate about. Having visited Dublin from a very young age with my family I fell in love with the city. It’s my Mum and Dad’s favourite place to visit and they transferred their love onto me. It’s somewhere I’ve always had great memories from which certainly influenced my decision to study there. Going to university in Belfast was never really in my plan simply because I wanted to live that bit further away. Although, my friends and family that have studied/worked there have loved every minute, so I might get a chance to live there someday too! 

Surprisingly enough, even when I got my acceptance letter from Cambridge I was pretty much set on studying in Trinity. It was one of them pinch me moments! I can’t describe how shocked I was, I couldn’t believe my eyes. My mum double, triple checked that I did in fact get ‘accepted’. My parents certainly didn’t encourage me to take up the offer but didn’t deter me from doing so either. They worried about the high pressure environment and my stress levels which at some points do get incredibly high. My mum in particular was concerned about how far away I would be because I am a home bird. That’s why Trinity suits me so well, I’m only ever a bus away (even though it can be 5 hours long on occasions) and I can choose to stay at the weekend or go home. I’m still very much a home bird and come home every other weekend religiously, I often wonder how I would have coped at Cambridge. 

I would have probably preferred the Law course at Cambridge because you get a lot more contact hours and support. This is the one downfall I find with studying at Trinity, a lot of it is up to you. You can pick and choose how much or how little work you do. Even though it would have been very intense I think I would have preferred the one to one tutorial system in Cambridge as opposed to groups of 10-12. However, this does not outweigh the experience I have at Trinity. It is unique in many senses with the Society fair at Freshers Week, Trinity Ball and the emphasis on society life at college. Trinity Ball is magical, dancing in front square under the stars to the Kooks. The campus is closed for one night to the public to accommodate students and staff and some of the biggest stars in the world. Societies are really at the heart of Trinity may it be the Law Society or the Phil, they're super important (even more than your degree some argue). There are at least three speakers every week on campus from Shonda Rhimes (mastermind behind Greys Anatomy) and Nicola Sturgeon to Joe Biden and Tim Cook. 

Trinity can be challenging at times especially during exam period or essay deadlines but it is manageable. I have made the most amazing group of friends from all over Ireland and can't imagine studying anywhere else. However, it wasn't easy settling in, and I definitely didn't take to student life like a duck to water. I struggled initially being away from home, finding myself, wishing I was at my own dinner table with my family while sitting there in my room with a Marks and Spencers ready meal. Even worse was seeing my best friends in Belfast having a ball finding their feet immediately. It took time and a bit of getting used to but it was the BEST decision I have ever made and wouldn't change it for the world.

Always follow your dreams but do things for you, not for the approval or satisfaction of others. 

Coming Soon... My Cambridge Interview: Tips and Tricks  

Thursday 24 November 2016


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Happy Shopping!

Sunday 20 November 2016


It's funny when we first got engaged I said that I would compromise on the cake and cars. For me they were not a priority and when you're trying to budget, I felt they were least important. However, when you start doing some research and stalking Pinterest you start to come up with lots of elaborate and expensive ideas.

Whilst at a Wedding Fair in the Evergaldes Hotel we found Cakes by Miriam. Her work was beautiful with lots of design options and an endless number of amazing flavours. We decided to visit Miriam in her quaint workshop and kitchen. Your wedding cake should be ordered around 6-14 months before your big day to allow your cake designer to prepare.

We sat and discussed design ideas and looked at lots of the ideas she had. When faced with dozens of beautiful's no doubt you are drawn towards the largest, most elaborate and ornate. We chose a five tier cake with a flower surround. At this stage we were not sure about our colour scheme and we agreed to confirm that later.

Miriam had made lots of samples for us to try and Lukas absolutely loved every flavour. We decide to go for cookies and cream, vanilla and red velvet. These flavours did not disappoint on the day and so many people commented on how delicious it was. We learned a lot about wedding cakes that evening. We were blissfully unaware that some tiers of the wedding cake would be fake and some real. We had two real tiers and two large tray bakes. This was ample as we still had some left over for our after party which was great! 

Our cake was white with gold as the focus colour and we were very pleased with how it looked on the day! Miriam transported the cake and was so easy to work with in the run up to the wedding. Cake design requires creativity, patience and artistic flair, all of which Miriam possesses.

Surrounding our cake table was photographs of our parents and grand parents on their wedding day. This personal touch really drew people to the table. Behind the table we had the Fairy Tale back drop by Lily Annabella and the LOVE sign in front from Tyrone Wedding Services.

Below I've included some inspiration:

The Cake Coppery

Cake tables are becoming a vocal point of any wedding venue. I love the cake pops on the table below created by Kat. It's so different and something your guests will LOVE!

Love, SarahJane x 

Thursday 17 November 2016


Confession: I am a beauty shopaholic. I absolutely love trying new products so when I heard New Look were launching their beauty range it's safe to say I was excited. Especially when my local New Look store in Strabane was one of the lucky stores to get their hands on it. I have Maryellen tortured when it comes to questions about New Look releases or must have pieces. It's really important to me (and my bank balance) that the blog includes affordable and accessible products. Every knows I am a huge fan of the Penneys PS Pro range and the New Look Beauty range has me in the same state of shock. Amazing quality at an affordable price point. 

First up, the layout and packaging is unrivalled for the price. The clean and modern layout is everything. Rose gold packaging: sold!

Matte Lipstick in Mocha £3.99

The first product I tried was this lipstick in the shade MOCHA. I wear MAC Mocha almost everyday so I was very interested to see how they would compare. They are completely different. The shades couldn't be further apart. I have inserted a swatch below. 

The quality is unbelievable, they are extremely hydrating for a matte lipstick. I would say if you are looking for something super matte maybe try the liquid lipsticks. I can't stand the ultra dry matte feeling so this is perfect for me. What I would say is Mocha is certainly not an 'everyday' lipstick for me. I have mixed it with Creme D'Nude from M.A.C to make it more wearable as it is a dark brown shade. 

Shape and Define Eyebrow Kit £6.99

Anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE fan of ABH Brow Pomade. I can't live without it and I am sceptical of every other product on the market, however I actually love this compact. It's very similar to the Sleek Brow Compact. My favourite thing about the compact is the three shades, it gives you more options. There is wax which is perfect for a defined brow look but also two powder shades in a medium and dark brown colour. This is ideal for when you want a more natural brow but also buildable for a night time look.

Illuminating Make Up Primer £7.99

This was definitely my favourite product of them all. I have literally tried so many illuminating primers and strobe creams. It's an obsession. Honestly, this is incredibly hydrating. It makes me look alive. I wear it when I have no makeup on or when I want sheer coverage I mix it with my foundation. This is the product I am most impressed with because of the glow but also hydration it provides for the skin. 

What I'm DYING to get my hands on:

These colours are me ALL OVER. I love all the nudes. I am very excited to try these liquid lipsticks. 

I have had this recommended to me SO many times. A dupe of Marc Jacobs Daisy. 

Bang on trend: they look such great quality. I have never had the chance to experiment with these brushes so they are on my list. 

Maryellen has also informed me that they are the one stop shop for all your hair needs: shampoo, conditioner, dry shampoo and even coloured chalk. I'll be sure to pick up some of them too! 


For every five products you buy you get a FREE lipstick!

10% Student Discount as usual

If any one has any queries about the products or where to find them please don't hesitate to email me or drop me a message. I love hearing from you all!