Monday, 14 November 2016


I wanted my mum to feel beautiful on my wedding day...I wanted her to look her very best in an oufit that suits her style and shape. We knew that our mum did not fit the stereotypical mould for mother of the bride. We worried that it would be very difficult to find what we were looking for but set off on our mission armed with countless Pinterest screenshots.

Firstly the hat....there is the notion that mothers of the bride must wear a hat or fascinator and it certainly suits many. Not our mum! A hat would have overshadowed her and made her feel uncomfortable. Consequently we were searching for something that didn't need an accessory or head piece...something that said class all on its own. Having done lots of research on bridal websites, bridal magazines and pinterest, we were able to build a better picture of the style that our mum was searching for. No mother should feel under pressure to wear or not wear a hat!

We had hundreds of screenshots from Pinterest and the like but we didn't know where we could find these dresses and outfits. We didn't go to the typical mother of the bride shops because quite frankly we would have been wasting our time and theirs. Eventually we found a brand that we liked. LOU LOU...this brand designs short sixty style bridal fashion. We found a few stockists in Northern Ireland and decided to go to VERONA BRIDAL MAGHERAFELT. We had been to this shop for both my dress and the bridesmaids and knew the staff were very helpful. They were so interested in the wedding and did everything they could to locate what we wanted.

On our first night shopping, mum tried on the first potential outfit and that was the beginning and end of it. Shop 1, Dress 1 and it was THE 1 for our mum. A dress she felt comfortable in, that captured the style of the wedding whilst also fitting in with the colour scheme. My mum's dress was captured beautifully while she danced the night away. The dress did need a lot of alterations but eventually it was the perfect fit for the perfect mum. I have to say that the alteration process was not an easy one but it worked out in the end.

She found her matching shoes and bag from the Jenny Packham range at Debenhams. They complemented the colour and style of the dress. Mum opted for a classy updo and clasp in her hair and stud earrings. She wanted her hair to last her the whole day and sure enough it did. At the last minute she added this embellished piece to her hair which was a piece cut out of a hair band from Topshop. She really does have the best eye. So many people have asked about mum's outfit and more than one person has said that she QUOTE 'Stole the show'! 

She is an amazing lady, an inspiration to my sister and I. Whether it's a new top or a life changing decision.... we rely on her! Our mum has the most beautiful style and she knew exactly what she wanted. Thankfully, she got it!

Love, SarahJane x 

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