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I decided to dedicate a post to my favourite bloggers and my inspiration for starting this blog. I won't be going in-depth about their background but giving you a short snippet about what they are about. I want to share with you why I follow them and why I watch their daily vlogs on Snapchat! I'm sure there are some fantastic bloggers I have left out and can't wait to update this post when I find more that catch my eye (I'm always on the look out). The Irish blogging scene has really taken off with strong female role models paving the way. Find out my favourites:

1. Marissa Carter 
Snapchat: CarterMarissa

I decided to start with the GIRL BOSS that is Marissa Carter. For those of you that don't follow Marissa, get following now! She is one of the greatest female role models and entrepreneurs in Ireland. She is a great example of a working mum running her own business, breaking every glass ceiling out there. She has recently conquered the UK, USA and Australia making her Cocoa Brown tanning brand global. But they are just some of the reasons I love Marissa. Mainly I love her because of her open and honest personality. She shares her personal experience of running a business and is an inspiration to anyone who wants to start their own business. On top of her positive energy and genuine spirit, she truly is an expert in all things skin, beauty and cosmetics. She gives advice on a weekly basis through Q&As and regularly carries out tutorials for followers in a range of areas, tan, makeup or hair. She also bakes the most delicious cakes!

2. The Skin Nerd 

Snapchat: theskinnerd

Next up - the most knowledgable blogger I follow on all things skin related. She has a wealth of experience in this area. She does a Q&A every Sunday answering all the questions from that week. It is part of my weekly routine! They may not be directly related to you but can be helpful in all areas. She discusses the implications of diet and exercise on your skin and offers alternatives and advice. She is friendly, open and funny and as a hobby gives facials to all our favourite bloggers - she even vlogs them. If you're interested in skin or want to learn more about it - this is your girl!

3. Tara O'Farrell
Snapchat & Instagram: tara_makeup

Tara is first and foremost an amazing makeup artist based in Dublin  but is also a model, gym bunny, blogger and most recently a wife. She is a beauty expert and can offer tips on almost anything. My favourite quality about Tara is her down to earth personality. She is honest and funny and is not afraid to show her true self. Her Q&A's are always thought-provoking and usually hilarious. She recently got married and was the most beautiful bride! 

4. Ellen Kavanagh-Jones (Waxperts) 
Snapchat & Instagram: waxpertsellen

Ellen is the founder and owner of awarding winning Dublin based waxing brand and salon WAXPERTS. This woman has transformed the Irish waxing industry with her no double dipping policy. She is motivating and uplifting as she shows you both her work life and her home life. She is mother to her beautiful boy Cooper who could brighten anyone's day (he really is the cutest child I've ever seen). She is definitely worth a follow as she fills you in on her beauty buys, travels and life as a working mother and entrepreneur. 

5. Louise McDonnell (LMD)
Snapchat: OfficialLMD
Instagram: lmdmakeup

I love Louise on Snapchat!! Louise and her sisters are hilarious, she documents her daily life in her two salons, Magherafelt and Portglenone and at home. She regularly gets in front of the camera to complete makeup looks and tutorials showing you her favourite tricks and products. Louise is so down to earth and absolutely hilarious, she even vlogged her boyfriend doing her makeup! Her makeup style has become known as being LMD'd, it really is one of a kind - that glow! Look out for Louise on Facebook - her business acumen is brilliant. 

6. Faces By Grace 
Snapchat & Instagram: facesbygrace23

Grace was one of the first bloggers I followed and the first I really felt I got to know (I even met her one day in Inglot in Dundrum). Grace is the most honest blogger I have encountered, she vlogs her whole day - the good and the bad. I love this about Grace as she has opened up about mental health awareness and her own struggles. Grace is also a trained makeup artist and regularly updates you on her latest beauty finds. Grace is most like a lifestyle blogger to me as I feel I know her family - her mum, mags and kips! Grace seems like a friend on FaceTime through Snapchat - almost like someone I already knew.

7. Pippa O'Connor
Snapchat: pippa.oconnor
Instagram: pipsy_pie

Pippa the powerhouse O'Connor - this woman has built a brand. Pippa is an amazing blogger, mum and business woman. Her blogging really appears effortless and is so natural to her. Pippa is the ultimate fashionista - I follow her for all things fashion related. She is as big a ZARA fan as myself. She keeps me right on all things beauty and documents her life as a working mum and wife. She truly is brilliant with her work on the Fashion Factories. I love keeping up to date with Pippa's life as she lets you in on her everyday routine. 

8. So Sue Me
Snapchat & Instagram: SoSueMe_ie

So Sue Me was the first blogger I ever followed. Why have I not mentioned her sooner? I assume everyone reading this already follows the woman that transformed the Irish blogging industry. So Sue Me is not just a blog but an empire. So Sue Me began as a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog but has become a brand that discusses everything from travel, weddings to news stories. So Sue Me has a range of products - the lashes, contour kit, nail polishes and remover with more in the pipe line. So Sue Me has captured the attention of so many Irish woman with her infectious personality and winning smile. She is effortlessly stylish and shares her life, experiences and tips through all platforms of social media. 

9. Retro Flame (Erika Fox)
Snapchat: retroflame1
Instagram: retroflame 

Erika Fox is the ultimate city girl - she is an Irish blogger currently living in NYC. I love watching Erika's daily snapchats of NYC and most of all her outfit posts. This girl knows the importance of monochrome. She puts the most beautiful pieces together and is a genius at interior design. She is an ambitious, hardworking and driven young woman who inspires others. I feel myself motivated after watching her snapchats due to her hard work ethic. Erika completes youtube videos on her experiences and gives a realistic insight into a young girl living out her dream in the big apple. 

10. The Dublin Makeup Academy (Kim O'Sullivan)
Snapchat & Instagram: thedublinmakeupacademy

Kim O'Sullivan is the master of eyebrow embroidery. I first found Kim when searching for a specialist in this area, she exceeded all of my expectations. Kim shares her experience as both a top eyebrow specialist in Dublin and as a leading makeup artist. She shares her favourite products and her life at the salon which she owns in Dublin's city centre.

11. Terrie McEvoy
Snapchat: tmcevoy24
Instagram: terriemcevoy

This girl is all the goals and on top of that she is one of the funniest bloggers about. Terrie is an Irish blogger AND nurse from Dublin who has recently moved to Sydney Australia. Terrie has recently started a Youtube channel on everything from makeup to hair. She is so talented at makeup hair and hair styling and offers all her tips. She also is the perfect fit for someone thinking of moving to Australia or pursuing a career in nursing because she regularly does Q&A's on these topics. She is an ambassador for her nursing agency in Australia and so gives helpful advice on the ins and outs of her profession out there. Most of all I follow Terrie for her travel adventures, she has been EVERYWHERE. She can tell you about almost everything about everywhere - she is a very experienced traveller. 

12. Lauren Arthurs 
Snapchat: laurenarthurs
Instagram: lovelauren_eu

Lauren is a photography genius! She captures the best shots. Lauren has such an eye for fashion, she picks up the best pieces and regularly shares them through snapchat. She has recently began travelling more than ever since making her move to Dublin - which I love to see. Her instagram is perfect -every picture is just so instagram worthy!! 

13. The Makeup Fairy (Joanne Larby)
Snapchat & Instagram: makeupfairypro

For all the gym bunnies out there - this is your gal. Joanne is a dedicated fitness junkie and business woman. This woman means business. She is hardworking and motivated in her field. She regularly does Q&A's on everything from skincare to being your own boss. This girl really is a GIRL BOSS. She is a reliable and committed blogger who updates her content daily. 

14. Mrs Makeup ie (Michelle Regazzoli Stone)
Snapchat & Instagram: mrsmakeup_ie
Mrs Makeup is a makeup artist to the stars. Her most famous makeup has to be Rosanna Davison's bridal makeup. She is such a talented artist who paints the faces of the biggest names in Ireland. What I like most about Michelle is her passion. She is so enthusiastic about makeup and her favourite products. She regularly shares her purchases - clothes, makeup and shoes and lets you in on her life at home with her two boys. In addition to this she is just so funny, she makes me laugh daily with her vlogs on Snapchat. 

15. Rosie Connolly
Snapchat & Instagram: rosieconxxx

Rosie was also one of the first bloggers I followed, she started out in the game early on. She became instagram famous through sharing her pregnancy wardrobe. As a personal shopper in Arnotts Rosie had a brilliant platform to begin her blogging career and great experience in all things fashion. She is also a professional makeup artist and I love the day-time looks she creates. Her beautiful boy Harry also features regularly on her snapchat and she offers great advice for mums on how she manages her career and motherhood. Rosie is recently engaged and will be getting married very soon. She will be the most stunning bride so stay tuned. 

More of my favourites 
1. Toni Kelly - t.kells 
2. Colour Me Bootiful 
3. Caris Closet 
4. Melissa Gormley - Prim & Penny 
5. Nikita's Hair Extensions 

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