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I am always interested in what go-to products people use everyday. They are the foundation to any makeup kit and are those we use consistently and regularly replace. For me, I have the most faith in these products, they are not a selling ploy or something used once for one night only. They are what I call my i-can't-live-without products which I use everyday. Because I have so many products I want to share with you, I have decided to break it into three separate posts. 

First up, after I wash and cleanse my face I apply Estee Lauder DayWear Moisturiser (Advanced Multi Protection Anti Oxidant Creme). This moisturiser is designed for dry/combination skin and contains SPF 15. The reason I love this moisturiser is it's light weight texture, yet, my skin still feels healthy and hydrated. Another reason I continue to buy this product is it's anti-ageing shielding technology, yes I may seem young but as my sister continually reminds me - you're never too young to start moisturising properly. If you're not looking for something too rich, this is perfect. I always look out for the Estee Lauder gift sets (you can save a lot)! The NightWear Plus cream (here) and also the Advanced Night Repair Eye Balm(here)are brilliant and if you can splash out I would highly recommend both. 

Lancaster Self Tanning Ultra Natural Bronze 12

I always remember to re-purchase this product when I'm on holidays, it lasts me for the full twelve months! This is perfect for people looking for glowing bronzed skin for days. When applying tan I have to resist the urge to just wipe the mitt over my face aswell. But over the years I have learned that tan is just too strong for my sensitive skin. This on the other hand works well with sensitive skin like mine, it is light in texture and does not dry out your skin but hydrates it. You only need a small amount to achieve a glowing bronzed look and could even use this product to try out the tantouring craze, defining your cheek bones. This product provides a natural and gradual tan for the face. 

The next product has hit the beauty world recently after it was spotted in Kylie Jenner's makeup kit. I use this product after my moisturiser as a primer. To those of you who are shocked by a men's shave balm as a primer, my trick is to use it sparingly applying it evenly all over my face. However, I have to say I try to  use this product only when I need longevity, when I want my makeup to stick and stay all day. I would not recommend this product for people who suffer from dry skin as it is designed for oily skin. It has a very light and runny consistency because of the thin formula. It works well for me but I recognise that not everyone has the same results. One of the best parts about this product is it's price tag which does vary but normally retails for in and around £3.50. 

MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance £29.50

For those with a bigger budget, my primer of choice is the MAC Prep and Prime Natural Radiance. I love the consistency of this hydrating, smoothing and oil-controlling product. It leaves the perfect base to achieve a flawless foundation. It could be used as both an illuminator and a primer as it has radiant finish. This product is expensive at £29.50 however, a little bit goes a long way. 

Makeup Atelier Paris Iridescent Highlighter FLV2 £22.50

The next product I reach for is an illuminator. I am a highlighter junkie and so naturally, I absolutely adore illuminators. I use the iridescent highlighter by Makeup Atelier Paris in the shade FLV2 which can be identified as medium in the colour chart. The pigment of this liquid highlighter is unbelievable and so must be applied in small doses for the faint hearted. This product blends like a dream and gives a glow unmatched by another illuminator. It also offers coverage under your foundation and can be applied over or under foundation depending on the look you are trying to achieve. I absolutely love this product and cannot wait to try out the other shades, FLV1 Clear and FLV3 Gilded.

Similar product: MAC Strobe Cream £24.50

I would recommend this product for those looking for a natural glow, almost a glow from within. This works well for people with dry/combination skin. It both hydrates and illuminates. I found that this instantly brightened the look of my skin whilst not making it look greasy. I noticed that when applying this cream on it's own that it left my skin feeling hydrated for a long period of time. To achieve a natural bronzed glow, I mix this with my foundation. 

Cocoa Brown Golden Goddess Oil £9.99

Anyone who I've talked to about makeup has probably heard me RAVE about this product. I am probably one of the biggest Golden Goddess fans out there. I am constantly in awe of the founder of Cocoa Brown, Marissa Carter she truly is the ultimate girl boss. She has transformed the Irish beauty industry creating products of a superb quality at an affordable price. This product is no different and is unrivalled when it comes to a highly pigmented dry oil. I am amazed by the pigment of this dry oil. It is a dream to put on and genuinely makes a difference to any makeup look. If it's good enough for the Kardashians, it's good enough for me. I lather this all over my legs, the top of my arms, neck collar bones and shoulders. It is absolutely stunning and is so wearable. It could take a daytime look to night time very quick but can also be utilised for a natural glow. I can't wait to experiment with the BRAND NEW limited to Primark Rose Gold Goddess.


This product will NOT be for everyone. However, if you like me suffered from bad skin at a period or occasionally get break outs, this is perfect. OR if you currently suffer from acne or breakouts this will definitely interest you. It is a fantastic product in my opinion. 

Acne Out Active Lotion £7.97
I first heard of this product on Faces By Grace's snapchat and didn't hesitate to purchase when I saw the results. I have tried everything on the market, both from the doctor and over the counter and this product definitely get results. I am not saying it is a complete fix but it is a quick fix. From my experience, if you get a spot and apply this lotion, it will be visibly reduced if not gone hours later. It is an inexpensive product in comparison to other skincare products of this nature and is definitely worth a try!

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