Monday, 3 October 2016


Here Comes the BLOG...

Recently engaged? Or hoping your partner will pop the question in the not so distant future? Well you have found yourself on the right page. Getting engaged is a wonderful feeling! For me it was completely overwhelming (check out my previous blog here for details...) and I hate to admit it...somewhat BLURRY. Sometimes that magic takes over and you become a stranger in your own body. Living in this dream and in shock that this moment has FINALLY arrived.

There are no rules to engagement... it's your moment, it's your memory, it's your story! It doesn't matter if your partner asks you curled up on the sofa, in a special destination or in elaborate fashion. The most important thing is that YOU are saying YES to the right question from the right person. What I enclose here is my top 7 tips to ensure that you enjoy that memorable  moment.

1. Embrace the moment
Be in the moment... don't be concerned with that hair out of place, whether your lipstick is perfectly applied or if your outfit is on point. This is one of the most defining and important moments of your life so be in it and embrace it!

2. Contact before you click 
We are living in the age of social media where everything happens in an instant. World news is delivered in a click. I recommend sharing this news with your closest family and friends before you create that life event on Facebook. 

3. Capture the moment
Did it even happen if you didn't get that Insta shot? A picture says a thousands, whether it's in the moments after or later that day, don't forget to capture it! It's something you will treasure forever transporting you back in time to that special moment. 

4. Make sure to manicure
Whether your nails are perfectly polished or not, make sure to pop into your local salon to freshen up those hands. Over the next few days and weeks they will get a lot of air time. 

5. Take a breath...
Stop. For the moment enjoy this happy and blissful time in your life before the stress of planning your big day. Don't rush into any hasty decisions. Don't tie yourself to a season, venue or theme. Make these decisions carefully, have NO regrets. 

6. Insure your bling
#theimportantpart... As tedious a task this may be it is crucial that you insure your bling. Contact your house or personal insurance company and make sure to add it to your policy. All you need is your ring certificates! 

7. Celebrate!
Finally, the most exciting part of it all! Pop the champagne after he popped the question. Make sure to celebrate in style with all your family and friends, after all you only get engaged once. Ps... keep the cork and date it, the perfect keepsake! 

Love, SarahJane x 

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