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Here's the 25 Gifts of Christmas...I know some people really struggle with what to get their loved one for Christmas. In recent years my mum has found it so difficult to know what to buy. Here's a few ideas of what to get your daughter, sister, friend, mother, aunty or girlfriend. 

1. Cosmetic Advent Calendar 

I'm really excited about this one because who doesn't love a gift everyday? £25 Here 

2. Perfume 
You really can't go wrong with perfume, I love all of the Marc Jacob scents! £49 Here

I absolutely love this perfume and it's got such a great price point at £33 Here 

3. Personalised phone case 

They are £20 and are so thoughtful and personal. Here

4. Hairdryer 

This hairdryer is unbelievable, we found it in the dressing rooms of the Galgorm. It's so powerful and lightweight. It can be bought cheaper in a Salon Professional Shop. £49 Here 

5. Teeth Whitening Kit 
* I don't want to recommend any particular brand and I can only tell you how I've found it from my own experience. Dental care is so important so you have to be careful when putting anything on your teeth as they are so sensitive.

I used the Crest Whitening Strips in Glamorous White before my sister's wedding. I found they made a significant difference but I only used the strips about 8 times and still have loads left to use before big events. £62 Here

A cheaper alternative and also an Irish Brand - Spotlight! Spotlight was created by two dentists in Galway. Their brand ambassadors include Joanne Larby (The Makeup Fairy) and Terrie McEvoy so have a read up about it before buying. £32 Here

6. Makeup Palette 
What I would call the ultimate present - for me anyways
£33 Here 

£39 Here 

£21 Here 

£38.50 Here 

£49.50 Here 

7. Ring Light 

This is perfect for anyone who loves make up or a good selfie. I have this on my Christmas list as I'd love to start filming some tutorials, hauls and loads of other exciting things for you all. £75 Here 

8. Portable Charger

These are so handy and useful! You can get them in Pennys for £5 but here's a best seller from Amazon - take your pick.  £10Here
9. Makeup Brush Set 
There are so many brush sets out there but here are a few options. I got a 30 piece Blank Canvas Brush Set last year in the Black Friday Sale for less than €60 so definitely keep an eye out. 

£39.95 Here

£15.95 Here

£95.00 Here

10. Personalised Clutch/Passport Cover 



I am obsessed with personalised things (can you tell?) Here

11. Nail Polish Set 

£8.50 Here 

12. Tan Set 

£16.99 Here

£14.95 Here (Personally my favourite tan! I've being wearing it religiously since I was 14)

13. Makeup Application

I know I would really appreciate this as a gift because I always get my makeup done for either boxing night or NYE. It's such a treat! I know a lot of my favourite make up artists offer these vouchers. On average a makeup application costs around £20-30.

14. Skin Care Set 

£28 Here 

15. A Subscription 

16. Investment Piece 
This could be anything at all, something they wouldn't normally buy themselves. My Dad laughs at me when I call something an investment piece, 'Kate, it's not an investment when you don't get a return!' 

I personally love to get a new bag, purse or pair of shoes for Christmas that I'll wear all year long. 

£87 (On Sale) Here 

17. Curling Wand/In Styler 

£31 Here

£60 Here

18. Selfie Light/Lumiee 
This case enables you to take the perfect selfie. It's all about that light! £8 Here

This does the same job if you want to keep your phone case £6 Here

19. Vouchers

Airline Voucher: You can even get airline vouchers these days, perfect for someone who loves to travel or someone who is away at university and wouldn't mind a trip home throughout the year. 
One for All Card - This voucher allows you to spend in over 1500 stores. Here

20. Game 

This is such a funny game to play on Christmas night with your family. £13.99 Here 

This is the NEW edition of PIE FACE which was such a hit last Christmas but with a new twist, it involves two players.  £28.99   Here 

21. Pyjama Set 

£22 Here 

Pennys £9.50

22. Makeup Course 
MAC Full Makeup Lesson 90 minutes £50 redeemable against any products you might want. 
MAC Makeup Lesson 60 minutes £30 redeemable against any products you might want.
MAC Express Makeup Lesson 30 minutes £20 redeemable against any products you might want. 

Paddy McGurgan, Louise McDonnell (LMD) and loads of local makeup artists offer makeup classes. 

23. 3 Metre Charger

This is such a cheap but USEFUL present. £1.98 Here

24. Book 

£16.59 Here 

£11.89 Here

£3.85 Here

25. Spa Day 
Who doesn't love being pamper?
The Galgorm (OMG) £60pp Mid Week for a day at the thermal village followed by the most delicious lunch at Gillie's Bar. It's very expensive but there's no place like it. 
The Wellbeing Clinic Go to your local spa and have a look at what they have to offer! The Wellbeing Clinic offer two hours of pampering for £60 so you can mix and match 30 minute and hour long treatments to suit your needs. 

One thing I want to buy this Christmas or save for after is the Olympus Pen EP-L7! I'm definitely keeping an eye out during the Black Friday and January sale. Here

I hope you enjoyed reading this and perhaps found it useful! Please feel free to ask any questions or leave any suggestions. 

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