Tuesday, 9 August 2016


I have decided to start this blog basically because as a blogger fanatic myself I realise that our feeds are constantly filled with perfectly polished Instagram snaps, smoothed selfies and the 'must have' creamy shadows (I must admit I am guilty of loving all of the above) but sometimes forget about the important stuff. In my blog I want to include that too! I want to share content that is informative and thought-provoking in my NEWS section but also have 'easy-reading' posts in LIFESTYLE. Men and women must empower one another by sharing real experiences. I want to address the more serious issues and major events in society. But It's not all seriousmy BEAUTY section will cover everything from skincare, wearing makeup to feeling beautiful without it! The main difference being the more serious aspect which will be discussed further below. 

I couldn't create a blog without a beauty section, each week you can expect:
Reviews - let me find your go to products/make all the mistakes before you do 
Dupes - the hidden gems for half the price - why pay more? 
My Inspiration - Beauty bloggers/Tutorials/Makeup gurus (they taught me everything I know)
Trends - We get clothes for every season, it's only fair we have makeup too!


Fashion forward Fridays - I’ll be providing you with outfit round ups tagging my favourite pieces and more importantly where you can find them.
Your weekends wardrobe – On a budget or ready to splash out – I've got you covered.
Inspiration – we can’t all afford to steal the style from runways around the world but that doesn’t mean we can’t take some inspiration.
The Student Saver – for those of us who have to click £££ low to high on the side bar.

This section will cover everything interesting going on around the world, both in the past and present. I believe this is so important and all too often we let the news go over our head. These pieces will be short but will always have a strong message and link back to our lives. 

Knowledge is power

This phrase has always stuck with me and always will. It's surprising how the little things you can add in an interview may get you the job or the impression it can leave on someone. You don't know what could inspire you or what you are capable of. 


Travel - This will document everything from my trips in Ireland to NYC. In every post I will give several options - from travelling in style to backpacking on a budget. 
University - This was certainly one of the biggest transitions in my life but I found nowhere to turn to for trusted tips and advice. Here I will document my time at university, everything from exams, room decor and cheap meal ideas to the best night clubs, budgeting and interview tips. 

And remember, you can never be over dressed or over educated. 

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