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This is the next segment in my 'My Daily Beauty Regime' series. This time I will be focusing on the products I use on my face, beginning with foundation. Now that your base is complete, it is time to accentuate what's already there. 

Step one: Foundation 

It is so important to find a foundation that suits your skin type. I have tried many over the years, making mistakes but also finding gems. I definitely believe trying a foundation at home is essential before purchasing. Ask for a tester at the counter because picking a foundation and colour on impulse is a disaster, an expensive one at that! I'm going to link my favourites below (here) but be warned sometimes to achieve the perfect colour or consistency I mix them! 

Georgio Armani Luminous Silk £37.00 (here)

I got this foundation for myself, my sister and my mum and we all had different opinions. I personally loved this foundation because of it's lightweight texture and buildable coverage. My sister really liked the foundation but did not re-purchase because she felt the coverage was too light and used a lot of product. My mum loved the foundation for similar reasons to my own and felt that it blended in with her skin texture and did not irritate her sensitive skin. The main problem with this product is the price - this is definitely a luxurious product and not something I would use everyday! I try to keep this foundation for special occasions. I do agree with my sister that when I use it for a night out I use quite a bit of product to achieve a flawless base. The colour we all went for was 6.5 which was the perfect shade. It is an olive colour and beautiful with a bronzed base. There are 21 stunning colours, so I'm sure you could find the right one for you! 

Still Stay All Day Foundation £29.50 (here)

This foundation is FAB! It gives a full coverage base and a flawless finish. This foundation is still lightweight but has a stickier finish. I love this foundation when I'm not wearing tan because the Shade Buff is the perfect colour. It could also be worn with tan when bronzed up by powders and contour. 

Makeup Forever Ultra HD Foundation £29.00 (here)
I heard so much about this foundation before I gave it a try. This foundation is fantastic for photographs and TV with it's Ultra HD Finish. It comes in over 40 shades which is great for people who find it difficult to find the perfect one. It provides a medium coverage which is buildable to achieve a flawless base. It is light weight in texture and feels similar to the Luminous Silk Foundation. It is a cheaper alternative but still expensive at £29.00. 

MAC Pro Longwear Conceal - NC25 £18.00 (here)

I have been using this concealer for over 4 months now and it is now one of my essentials. A little goes a very long way with this product. It is a very fluid concealer and perfect for under your eyes because it is lightweight and you can match the colour perfectly to your foundation. It is very long-wearing, I never need to top up during the day. It is water-resistant and ideal for someone who can't touch up or will be busy all day. I think this product will last for a very long time as I use half a pump everyday, applying it over my nose, under my eyes, on my chin and forehead. 

Make Up Studio Face It Foundation Cream - Yellow 
I use this product mainly for contouring, applying it on my nose forehead, and chin. It is a lightweight cream and lasts for ages. I have had this product for over 6 months and it is only touching pan. This product is creamy and blends beautifully over foundation. I buy this product at Paddy McGurgan's Shop in Derry/Belfast. 

Make Up Studio Face It Foundation Cream - Oriental (here)

Similar to the concealer above, this is a creamy product which is a dream to blend. I use this to contour applying it in a three motion, on my forehead, my cheekbones and my jaw line. This can also be bought in a contour set. I buy this product at Paddy McGurgan's Shop in Derry/Belfast. 

Laura Mercier Translucent Powder £29 (here)

I believe this is key to any flawless base. It is silky, lightweight and a dream over any foundation. It's sheer composition doesn't settle in fine lines and doesn't feel powdery or harsh on your skin. It really is a beautiful translucent powder but on the pricey side again but perfect if you want to splash out. I get a product like this at Christmas! 

MAC Mineralise Skin Finish - Medium Golden £24 (here)

Why two powders? Well the reason I love this powder from MAC is because it adds coverage to your foundation. This colour is perfect over my foundation and if it was MAC that would be NC35. It blends beautifully over foundation and I would use this product when I am looking for a natural contour or all over the face for a flawless coverage. 

Kat Von D Shade Light Palette (here)

This palette was a gift from my sister who has just recently returned from her honeymoon in Las Vegas. She knows how much of a makeup addict I am and how annoying I find it when we can't buy american products here or the ridiculous postage/customs charge. This palette was on my list because of it's versatility. I use it for contouring, to set my eyelids, to set under my eye and eye shadows. There is so much pigment from every colour. It blends beautiful and doesn't go cakey or choppy over foundation or other powders. 

MAC Bronzer Give Me Sun £24 (here)

I love this product for similar reasons to Medium Golden above. The main selling point of this product for me is the COLOUR - it is the most beautiful bronzer colour I have seen yet. I have tried Hoola which is so popular but this stands out to me by a mile. It can be used to create a natural glow or a really bronzed finish. I just love it, I couldn't recommend it more!

MAC Blusher Peaches/Melba/Sunbasque (here)

There is definitely a pattern with the peach toned blushers here - the above colours are my go-to colours everyday for blusher. I have had some of these blushers for over two years and there is so no sign of any of them hitting pan. They are beautiful wearable colours that won't leave you looking like a clown. I think peaches  and melba can be paired with any look. Sunbasque is ideal for a summer glow with it's shimmery pigment.

Becca X Jaclyn Hill Champagne Pop (here)
I am OBSESSED with highlighters - I just love finding one better than the last. This highlighter is my favourite so far... This is a collaboration with one of my favourite youtubers Jaclyn Hill (her videos are so professional and really worth watching). This is the most pigmented highlighter, you are positively GLOWING when you apply this (I always use a fan brush). 

Mary Loumanizer by the Balm (here)

I was so loyal to this highlighter until I found Champagne Pop but  I still use it regularly because I love this colour in the corner of my eye. The Balm products are amazing quality and I can't wait to talk to you about some of their stunning palettes. 

Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade in Dark Brown (here)

I couldn't live without this product now, I use the shade Dark Brown which is the perfect colour for medium-dark brown hair. I use this everyday. I think the pot will last me ages as I've been using it for months and I've only dented the pomade. It blends into the brow so naturally and I only have to use the smallest amount for an effective, defined brow. 

Sleek Makeup Brow Kit Dark (here)
This is a great cheaper alternative. 

MAC Fix Plus Spray £17.50  (here)

This is perfect for someone who travels a lot. I will really reap the benefits of this product in NYC. It is instantly hydrating and refreshing. This is great when you've been wearing your makeup all day and want it to look fresh for an evening event. I even spray this on my face before I apply my makeup. 

Urban Decay All Nighter Makeup Setting Spray £22  (here) 
This is similar in that it is a water based product but very different in it's function. This product is to be applied after your makeup to ensure your makeup stays on all day. It does this by lowering the temperature of your makeup to keep your foundation, eyeshadow, blush and concealer in place in all weather conditions. I have had really good results using this product, it never leaves my skin feeling dry but actually feels hydrating on the skin. 

Extra Product!! I got a lot of responses to the ACNE OUT lotion I posted in my skin post so decided to fill you in on what I use in conjunction with it. 

Kiehls Blue Herbal Moisturiser £26.50 (here)

I use this product nearly all the time normally applying it at night or when my skin is particularly bad. This moisturiser is oil free but the key ingredient is Salicylic Acid which reduces the appearance of blemishes and pores (I hear Marissa Carter and The Skin Nerd rave about this ingredient). It really does leave the skin more even and prevents new blemishes. It is a really mattifying cream which is perfect for anyone with really oily skin. This product gives quite quick results and I've gone back time and again to re-purchase. 

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